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What to Know About Quarry Floor Slate

Quarry Floor SlateFloor tiles come in variety ranging form stone, ceramic, glass to wood and among others. This is a factor that has segmented flooring market for competition among tile manufacturers across the world with each always hoping to stand out as the best when it comes to manufacturing of quality tiles. What is even more interesting in the pace at which this competition is rising with every passing day but perhaps what could be a big determinant is the question on what type of tiles that take the market are factors that make it preferable among millions of clients across the world?

Quarry floor slate belongs to the group of stone tiles and there are reputable companies that are known for its production and sale. Slate belongs to metamorphic rocks that are used to make tiles for flooring both in residential places and business premises. Among other metamorphic rock materials used to make tiles include granite, limestone and marble. However, slate remains the most popular and even preferred by many across the world for a number of reasons we shall look at hereafter. As it is popularly known, quarrying is the curving of stones into desired shapes for construction purposes and it is through the same process that slate flooring tiles are curved and consequently subjected to high pressure to flatten them into desirable shapes for use in flooring.

Well, to this end, it would be important to look at some reasons that make slate tiles popular among other available flooring materials in this age.


Flooring materials should those which are able to prevent seepage of water underneath. This is what makes a slate tile popular when it comes to choosing tiles that are ideal during all seasons. Water is known to cause floor tiles to wear and tear and consequently make the floor colder for inhabitants. For most people, what usually comes as a priority when looking for slate flooring tiles is their endurance and versatility with regard to being water proof or impervious? Floor tiles that absorb moisture or are not impervious make the floor and walls nearer to it dump. This is not a good condition to live in. Because of this characteristic that slate tiles posses, they are preferred for use in flooring hallways, drive ways and pool areas. Generally, slate tiles are always non-gloss and usually have a rough texture.

Resistance to Stain

Slate tiles can also be used in the kitchen provided they are made in a perfect condition to serve such a purpose. One reason that makes them practically used in the kitchen is the fact that they are not easily stained. This by extending makes them easy to clean. The kitchen floor is known to get untidy very fast due to water always pouring unto the floor as well as food mould making the whole region look dirty. It is on this premise that tiles that are easy to clean become a preference.

Slate File Are Heavy Duty

Something heavy duty is not only strong but also durable and supports heavy objects especially with regard to slate tiles. Slate tiles are characteristically quarried form metamorphic rocks. They are made from stone which wholly makes up their material nature. Because stone is hard or perhaps hardened rock, so is the nature of slate tiles. With slate files, flooring high traffic areas and stores will always be safe from the usual wear and tear most tiles experience due to pressure. Ostensibly, slate tiles are long lasting and anyone looking forward to saving on cost in the long run while enjoying value for the money and quality of tiles should definitely go for them.

Fire Resistance

Among the many and different types of tiles available in the market today, slate is definitely a choice to go for with regard to its fire-resistant nature. Since they are made from quarried hardened rocks, slate tiles will obviously never burn should there be fire outbreak or even when a burning substance drops on the floor.

Easy to Maintain

Everyone is always on the look out for floor tiles that are not only long lasting but also easy to maintain. Given durable nature of slate tiles and their ease of cleaning, slate tiles are easy to maintain. Just a simple wipe off the floor will be enough to clear the dirt and dirt off it. This also makes them cost effective in the long run because with little cost in maintenance, it take a long time before replacement is made.